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Video Production in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Caring People Fl

Demo Reel

Ben Ferencz for UN

Hoppy Trails Pilot

Rachel C. Scott

Chef Adrianne’s

Sleep Naked Organic Mattress

Rebuilding Together


Judith Kolva, Legacies In Ink

Northrop And Johnson

Josef And Joseph

Josef & Joseph @ The W

Ethos Greek Bistro

Real Sangria Jerezeda

Phone: (954) 829-0763

Sharyn Bey Productions, LLC is a high energy, committed, personal video production company that specializes in HD business videos for the web. The goal is to capture the essence of your business and bring to life the message you need to educate the viewer. The client sees, hears and feels the heartbeat of your service or product. What better message can you send than one that appeals to all the sensory key notes? We are a “hands-on” provider. I can walk you through the script, the locations and the shoot. My expertise in visual arts is rooted in many years of design, photography and video. If it walks, talks or moves….. Sharyn Bey Productions will give it a life of its own!

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