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By Sharyn Bey

Welcome to my new site!

On 20, Jan 2013 | In Uncategorized | By Sharyn Bey

I am so excited to share my new website with you, thanks to Todd Robaldo and Michael Manguart. These two web designers have created a home in which¬† my videos can be seen in a light that reflects all the nuances that make up art. In architecture, form follows function…the same holds true for web design. Todd and Michael take the design concept and keep it true to form. Clean and simple is the new bold!


Speaking of art, writing is not one of my strong suits. I intend to, from time to time, just share my thoughts, my visions, my opinions and possibly some of my rants. I do not intend to offend, but if I do; please accept my apologies in advance. I see the world through rose colored glasses and I do wish every one else did too. Alas, not so, but my goal is to at least keep all my clients happy. So on that note, until next time……….




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  1. Todd

    Thank you, Sharyn! We are equally excited to have had the opportunity to share some small part in your online achievements.

    You’re detail-oriented eye and special perspective come through in the video that you shoot and the professional manner in which you perform your work.

    Continued success in all your endeavours!
    -Todd & Michael

  2. sharyn

    Thank you, Todd and Michael! The feeling is mutual and again I applaud your efforts.

    The comfort level I felt through your support has made my tasks so much easier. We are a winning combination…like minds, shared vision.

    Kudos to you!